Application for admissions into the 2012/2013 academic session for pre-degree applicants commences 6th August, 2012.

  • Entrance examination into Fuoye pre-degree holds between 15th- 30th September 2012
  • Successful applicants begins registrations between 5th -15th October 2012
  • Lecture starts 15th October 2012
  • Christmas and New Year break between 21st Dec 2012 – 7th January 2013
  • Lectures ends 8th February 2013
  • Revision between 11th-17th February 2013
  • Exams period 18th – 28th February 2013
  • Second semester resumption Sunday 17th March 2013
  • End of lectures 10th July 2013
  • Exam holds between 15th -31st July 2013  
The curriculum is structured into two semester periods each of 18 weeks with four hours per week for each subject. There is a three-week break between the first and second contact periods and one week of examination at the end of each semester.